Monday, June 4, 2012

my bestie got married

2nd of June, 2012, my friend of 11 years is now someone’s wife…as promise, I was there, helping with the preparation since she’s one of my closest friends I have and she’s the first to get married…of course I am happy for her wedding..let me tell u, there was this one feeling that lingers in my heart…it was like, my heart cannot believe she’s now belongs to someone else..i was indeed there, helping the family, but I can’t bring myself close to her during her preparation for the event (the make-up session and all), that is why dear, I prefer to busy myself with all the work..During the akad nikah ceremony, she did asked me to sit beside her, but I can’t..sorry dear, not that I don’t want, but I am not strong..that was the real reason actually..i had my tears in control for days already before the wedding, and I know I am not strong to control it during the akad nikah..I cried when they said ‘sah’..I cried while u ate that night, I cried every now and then on Saturday and Sunday, I even cried while we were on stage and I am still crying now while typing this post.. haha, what a looser I am, I know..your wedding is too big for me to handle, please know that..but then, whatever the scenario is, you are still my best friend and you will forever be mine..huhu..I know we can still meet, but it will surely be different when you have extra responsibilities to deal with…

Dear Puan Noor Akmawati, thanks for the 11 years of memories…thanks for letting me stay this long..Encik Aban Kilauan, she’s yours now, please take a good care of her…once in awhile, please let me borrow her ok.. =)