Wednesday, June 8, 2011

when there's a will, there's a way

yes, there's a saying which stated that when there's a will, there will be a way.....it is indeed true..but the problem that would arise together with the saying is...when the will is not strong enough...hahaha..and yes, that what's happening to me..

ya ya..for those who yet to know..i'm in a journey of finishing my 2nd degree...no classes..just meetings with the supervisor and the co-supervisor..no, dont get it wrong...they are nice..one is soft and the other is firm..good for me..but...the one thing that is wrong is me myself and i..i don't why am i acting this way..but i am not strong enough to continuously reading the articles....well, i've finishes the 1srt chapter..but the problem now is the 2nd and the 3rd chapters...

and ooh..more to do..my friend and i, we need to finish an abstract (supposedly pretending we are doing a paper of translating) and we have to present it during a conference this July..and we are sooo looking forward to do it (being sarcastic)..aiiihhh..

dear me...dear 'rajin'ness...dear strong will.. where are you guys....i need you guys...

p/s:: i'm did not go through with what i've write above this line..so be it...haha..so long..till we meet again

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