Thursday, October 21, 2010

..::Assignment #2, ALS450, LGB1A::..

this is what i found in my old files...
the assignment that Dr Azni gave us...
nothing interesting for you maybe..but it makes me miss LG even more..

It was a heavenly morning. The sun smile broadly towards the Earth and fed me with vitamin D. All the way from Mawar to Kenanga, I was enthralled by the view. The trees were dancing along with the wind. The birds were singing happily, with good morning greetings to each other. A cool breeze gently kissed my face and bring along the spirit to succeed. Upon reaching Kenanga, the view turns to be a magnificent piece of art, splashed with colours. Students were like ants; hastening towards their classes in order to make friends with various kinds of knowledge. Suddenly, the empty block of classroom filled with intelligent people.

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