Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Thailand and I

Starting from 14 June to 18 June, my mum and I went to Thailand..not for holiday, but for work..Malaysian; represented by Pahang State Education Department went to Thailand to sign the Memorandum of Mutual Cooperation with Thailand Education Department. The plan was to have an International Twinning English Programme for both countries. Two of Pahang's school were selected to join this programme; the Sultan Ahmad Shah Secondary School and Convent Primary School. Both were from Cameron Highlands, Pahang.

Our day in Thailand started on 15 June, where we were brought to Songhkla to visit the primary school there; Wichianchom Primary School. We were greeted very grandly by the school, all the students stand in a line, at both side to greet us, there were students along the class corridors, performances, dancers, and the band..Then we were escorted to the hall to have the event prepared for us. Some greetings, performances, lunch, and presenting the token of appreciation from both parties.

After visited Wichianchom, we were on our way to Surat Thani. It tooks us 6 hours to reach the district, but our journey was made easy as we had the police escort all the way to the Hotel of which the Suratpittiya School had waited for us, the Wang Tai Hotel. Once more, we were greeted grandly, of which in Malaysia, it would be as equivalence as how we would greeted the Sultan. We were amazed and impressed. Job well done to Suratpittiya School. That night, we slept at the Siam Thani Hotel.

The next day, we went to the Suratpittiya School for the big event, the purpose we landed our feet at the land of Thailand. to sign the MOC of Malaysia-Thailand. After all was safe and done the teachers (including me), went for a tour around the school. To our amazement, they even have the PPSMI, they have foreign teachers to teach their students English, to learn Sc and Maths in English, so, the question here is, why do we go backwards, back to using BM in teaching Sc and Maths? Go figure.

So, the big part has been done..everyone was relieved. We continued our journey to Samui Island, a very nice island indeed. Once again, we have the escort from the hotel to the jetty and from Samui island jetty to the next destination. There, we went to the Monkey School (so, sums up, we went to 3 schools). hehee..the monkey named Mr Kailek showed us a few tricks he had learned. =). We overnight at Sandy Beach and the next day, after visited Grandma and Grandpa rocks, we headed to Hatyai.

At Hatyai, we slept at Hatyai Rama Hotel. That night, my mum and I had the Thai Ancient Massage..hahaha..people says, if you were in Thailand, you should try it, so we did..Oh my, oh my, i was worried that she will broke all of my bones..luckily enough, she didn't.. ;)

Hatyai and shopping, of course..so, the next day 18 June, we, a group of 6 went to Lily Thai Silk, for them to buy the Thai Silk, then, we took the tuk-tuk ride to the Plaza Market to shop. After we had our lunch at the plaza, we went back to the hotel, shower, pray, and packed our back to check out.

We went back to Malaysia. Bye-bye Thailand..thank you for the very warm welcome you gave us..

for all the people out there, Thailand is not as bad as what you heard, the war was in another district far far away..if you want to go to Thailand, Hatyai, Songkhla,Samui Island, is a very nice place for you to go..

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